Network Telemetry data and Grafana part.2 – I made a course

Over one year after my last post about streaming-telemetry, what happened?

I was burned out!

Had my feet in both departments (still do), finished a 4 year class and got my diploma, bought a house. Said yes to create a course about streaming-telemetry (read the first part here). Sometimes you just walk right into a wall, especially since working at home I ended up working WAY more than usual.

This post is not about that, maybe I go into more details on what NOT to do in a different post. This is about what happened to part.2 of my telemetry post.

I was contacted about making a course about streaming-telemetry most likely because of me tweeting about it all the time. Like I wrote in my other post, it all started by reading Dave Benham’s blog and loading up a dashboard made by Jeremy Cohoe. Now I use Grafana for every single wireless ticket troubleshooting at work, and I save a lot of time doing so. I also made a Slack-bot that sent me a message when someone was at the office during lock-down (just for fun).

The difference in this course compared do Dave’s blog is that I use a docker-compose file so you can bring this up easily on a RPi4 if you like, a telegraf config file you can use to split-data in different databases, roaming-dashboard that I really love and just about covering 100 URLs and lots of hours of me trying to solve small things in just a few minutes to save you some time.

I will add more videos to this course next year, just have to go over a few hundred Grafana dashboards at work.

Check out the course here, my first video course ever made!

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